GB Detroit:
The Last Station


From the minds that brought you Wookieerotica and Gotham 1919-1939, Giant Panda King is excited to announce their new book in their pop culture series - GB Detroit: The Last Station. 

This time, the team will look into the world of the Ghostbusters, bringing a classic working-class aesthetic combined with an organic evolution from where the original two films left us. 

Go undercover with a journalist who is documenting the Detroit Ghostbusters No.84. and follow an in-depth look at the history of the last ever crew to carry a Proton Pack as they encounter their biggest challenge yet. 

The pages will be filled with new characters, experimental equipment, iconic vehicles, spooks, spectres & ghosts. See this and so much more in a limited hardcover collector's item. 

NB: Cover subject to change

Disclaimer: This is a parody book. Ghostbusters and its characters are registered trademarks of Sony, Columbia Pictures or GhostCorps. This production is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Sony, Columbia Pictures or GhostCorps or any of its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or third party licensors.